Affordable Hotjar Alternative

LoliApp VS Hotjar

LoliApp is an affordable alternative to Hotjar and to many other site visitor tracking SAAS models
See a comparison between LoliApp and Hotjar below


Comparing most affordable plan

Track 1000 monthly sessions for $2/month

One Tracked Session = $0.002

Comparing most affordable plan

Track 3000 monthly sessions for $39/month

One Tracked Session = $0.013


Hotjar is 6.5x pricier than LoliApp for each tracked visitor


Easy Learning Curve
  • Super easy dashboard with non-tech-savvy language
  • A 5th grader can understand the session replay screen
  • Designed specifically for small to mid-sized sites

Super Steep Learning Curve
  • Can be overwhelming for new site owners
  • Suitable for big corporate websites with millions of visitors
  • Not aimed towards small to mid-sized sites


LoliApp is the iPhone of visitor tracking apps, capable of a few things but can do them seamlessly. At the same time, Hotjar can do a million things but needs a rocket scientist!

LoliApp is easy to use, yet very powerful visitor tracking SAAS

Replay your site visitor sessions to see what links they click, where they moved their mouse, at what point they decided to buy from your site, or even leave the site entirely.
Knowing what was the turning point for your site visitor is crucial for improving your site quality. In some case studies, customer acquisition increased by 68% by deploying session replay software just like LoliApp.