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Analytics, HeatMaps & Session Replays

LoliApp is the easiest analytics and visitor tracking software on the market. Easy to understand HEATMAPS to learn where your visitors usually click on your website, RECORD and REPLAY their online sessions as if you are watching their own screen.

Know what makes your visitors leave your site!

Replay your site visitor sessions to see what links they click, where they moved their mouse, at what point they decided to buy from your site, or even leave the site entirely.
Knowing what was the turning point for your site visitor is crucial for improving your site quality. In some case studies, customer acquisition increased by 68% by deploying session replay software just like LoliApp.

Pricing Plans

The most advanced, yet affordable tracking software!

Advanced analytics

LoliApp keeps detailed analytics related to your site visitors to help you focus on your site’s strength point and enhance your site week links.

The visual charts are much easier to understand than other analytics apps including Google Analytics which makes your marketing decisions much easier.

You can also monitor your online visitors in realtime. You will see how many visitors are navigating your website and what they are doing.

Works with all platforms

LoliApp works with literally any platform and any page builder you can imagine